Parkside Bay - Big Island

Latitude and longitude of the big island campsite in Parkside Bay is 45.4684859,-78.6839999

This is one of the first campsite when entering the bay. This island is quite big, and it only has one campsite on it! The docking entrance is located on the South West of the island. It is a decent size and easy to get in/out of the canoe. Many big rocks that you can fish from, lay down to soak in the sun, or stargaze at night.

For the campsite, there is many spots to set up your tent. Very plentiful amount of rocks for a huge fire pit. There is copiously amount of firewood around the island to have fires.

On the north side of the island, the water has many tree logs and tree stumps in it. Before dusk go to the far west side of the island, and you will see a beautiful sunset.

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